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Vladimir Ondejcik


Ir. Vladimir Ondejcik graduated Cum Laude as an Master of Science in Architecture at Delft University of Technology with specialisation of non-standard and interactive architecture with the only 10 grade awarded so far by Hyperbody research group. He applied principles of non-standard architecture and sustainability to rethink fundamentals and behaviour of new green architecture. This crystalized in his master thesis Transferium Almere 2.0 to extraordinary development of trully builing integrated wind energy solutions. He has experience of building large prototypes with CNC fabrication techniques at all design and assembly stages, and programming their behaviour.

Achieved education

2010-2012 TU Delft, Faculty of Architecture

2012 - Master of Science in Architecture, Urbanism and building sciences

Non-standard and interactive architecture, sustainability, wind energy, swarm systems and programming, CNC fabrication (robotic arms, laser cut , 2 and half D milling), prototyping up to 1:1

2009 KTH Stockholm, Faculty of Architecture, Sweden

ERASMUS exchange program, Performative design, Sustainable architecture, 3D printed and laser cut models

2006-2010 Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava, Faculty of architecture

2010 Bachelor degree in architecture and urbanism

2007 received twice merit scholarship for students with high average grade
Public buildings, Constructions, Huosing, Building Technologies and Physics, History, Urban planning, Landscape architecture and Interior design


2012 Cum Laude for graduation project Transferium Almere 2.0

project was also awarded with only grade 10 so far by Hyperbody research group TU Delft.

2011 one of 70 INDESEM winners and entry was nominated for best 12 entries

INDESEM, international design seminar is biannuale event organised be students@TU delft. This year topic was LOSINGGROUND and speakers were: sir. Peter COOK, Neli LEICH, Warren NEIDICH and more, and it was Directed by Deborah HAUPTMAN


Faculty of Architecture, Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava
Price of Dean is awarded for the best studio project in each academic year. It is the highest price for students of architectural bachelor and masters programs provided by Faculty of Architecture STU.

Previous jobs and trainings:

2009/10 Forma AD, Stockholm, Sweden

Internship in well-known small practice in Stockholm containing design and drawings of villa in Taby, Sweden
2009 Doprastav Development, a.s., Drienova 27, 826 56 Bratislava
Freelance, Design of redevelopement of recreational area Vrutky, Slovakia in alternatives
2008 Les Associes, Mlynske Luhy 36, 82105 Bratislava
Internship, Design and drawings of family house, which was designed as an additional element to increase variability of houses in planned residential area Slovensky Grob in Slovakia
2007 Verko, s.r.o, Stefanikova trieda 15, 949 01 Nitra
Internship on construction sites

Language skills:

English C2 mastery level

2010 IELTS Band 7
Czech advanced level and complete understanding
Swedish advanced beginner
German advanced beginner Slovak, mother tongue

Computer skills:

3ds Max
Corel Draw
Google sketchup
Microsoft Office
Files and layout for CNC fabrication

very easy understanding for computers and software, learning any new software incredibly fast

Other accomplishments, skills and interests:

2007-2009 Member of Student parliament FA STU
2007-2009 Member of Senate FA STU
2003-2009 Co-organization of International exhibition Bonsai Slovakia
2007, 2008 Co-organization of Beania architektov event

Bonsai art

Lecturer in Bonsai School, Nitra
Absolved trainings with Danny Use (Belgium) and Salvatore Liporace (Italy)


official photographer of Bonsai Slovakia international exhibitions


Dr. N. Biloria
Hyperbody, TU Delft, n.m.biloria@tudelft.nl

Dr. H. Bier
Hyperbody, TU Delft, H.H.Bier@tudelft.nl

*last update: 15.7.2012

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